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During the tumultuous night of December 4, as Cyclone Michaung wreaked havoc on Chennai and its surrounding areas, the Mastermind Foundation is the first one to sprang into rescue operation in Mudichur. Despite the treacherous conditions, their rescue boat valiantly maneuvered through the pitch darkness, albeit encountering and colliding with six electric posts along the way. Undeterred, pressed on, navigating to the homes of five marooned families, successfully rescuing them from the high current rising waters.

Mastermind Foundation dedicated four fishermen rescue team equipped with boats was pressed into action from 5th Dec efforts resulted in the rescue of approximately 200 employees from an IT firm, numerous stranded students from hostels, and countless families desperate to find safe havens as floodwaters rapidly rose in their areas.

The Mastermind Foundation’s dedicated professionally trained fishermen rescue team is a pioneer in rescue operations. Extended rescue operations on various natural calamities from the Chennai flood 2015 to across the state of Kerala flood.

Simultaneously, the Foundation established a cookhouse in New Perungalathur, becoming a beacon of hope by providing essential sustenance. From December 5 onwards, tirelessly delivered three meals a day, spanning from North to South Chennai, ensuring that those affected had access to hygienic and nutritious food until the last call for aid.

Volunteers displayed unwavering dedication, wading through deep waters in Mudichur, North Chennai, Guduvanchery, and Madipakkam. Their selfless efforts saw them distributing vital supplies such as food packets and water bottles to the affected communities.

The Mastermind Foundation has been a beacon of support in times of dire need, consistently stepping forward to alleviate hunger and provide sustenance during various natural calamities and crises. During the Chennai floods, Gaja cyclone, Kerala floods, and even amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Foundation has played a pivotal role in rescue and relief operations, providing food and medical aid and also addressing their mental health needs.

Mastermind Foundation’s unwavering commitment to humanity shines brightly through its consistent efforts to alleviate hunger and provide essential sustenance during natural calamities and crises. Our dedication to serving communities in distress exemplifies the essence of compassion, solidarity, and selfless service, embodying the true spirit of humanity in times of adversity.

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